Paper & Sustainability

November 10, 2021
Our Pledge to Environmental Sustainability
By Carly Bauer | Paper & Sustainability
Environmental sustainability is one of the most significant issues impacting humanity.  It’s a complex problem, that encompasses many moving parts.  Sustainable procurement of materials, waste and emissions reductions, recycling initiatives, and more all need to be considered carefully. Sustaining the environment is not something that one organization or one person alone can control.  However, at ...
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September 1, 2021
Paper Shortages & How to Best Minimize the Disruption
By Carly Bauer | Blog, Paper & Sustainability
We all remember (some of us a little too vividly) the toilet paper shortage of 2020.  If you’ve visited any DIY home improvement store recently, you may have noticed that the price for the materials you were shopping for have majorly increased.  Besides sticker shock, you may have noticed fewer materials stocked on the shelves ...
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