July 2023 Postage Alert

By Dave Spinelli | USPS

USPS Proposed Price Increase to Take Effect July 9th, 2023

On April 10th, 2023, The United States Postal Service filed notice for a rate increase proposal to the Postal Regulatory Commission, which will go into effect Sunday, July 9th, 2023.

The increase is expected to affect First-Class Mail by approximately 4.8% and USPS Marketing Mail by approximately 4.203%.

Here is a list of the proposed postage increases below:




Current Prices


Planned Prices

First Class Letters (1 oz.) (Retail) $0.630 $0.660
First Class Letters (up to 3.5 oz.) (Presort) (AADC) $0.507 $0.537
Domestic Postcards (Retail) $0.480 $0.510
Domestic Postcards (Presort) (AADC) $0.370 $0.376
USPS Marketing Mail Letters (up to 3.5 oz.) (AADC) $0.339 $0.361
USPS Marketing Mail Non-Profit Letters (up to 3.5 oz.) (AADC) $0.192 $0.206


The USPS announcement can be found here: USPS Industry Alert, which includes links to USPS price increase tables for all services.

As previously announced by the USPS, direct mailers can expect semiannual (January and July) price adjustments from the USPS for Market Dominant Products.

Market Dominant Products represent the service classes most important to direct mailers, including Marketing Mail, First Class Mail, and Periodicals.